Anime Review:Hetalia Axis Powers

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This is an anime review by me (in case you don’t know an anime is a japanese cartoon basically) of Hetalia Axis Powers. This anime is about the different countries of the world during world wars one and two and some different times in history. The reason it doesn’t make it boring like the history channel is that the countries are actually people. From time to time it can be a bit racist and stereotypical but it makes a great show. It teaches you some history facts that I’d bet you’d never learn in a boring everyday social studies class (which you probably never paid attention in anyways). Also the characters keep you in stitches especially France. The countries range all the way from major to minor and some countries I’ve never heard of. So I guess this show teaches you geography also. I’ve learned about a lot of wars I never even knew happened between countries I never heard of. You learn about alliances and treaties and over all world culture. Plus it’s not boring. So you could watch it but I suggest you don’t let anyone you know under 13 watch it it’s a bit M rated.


These are some questions that I’ve thought about for quite some time:
If the world is in a recession then where did all the money go?
Why is it that when people keep saying tomorrow it never comes?
If we were born ignorant do we die wise?
Why is it that we realise thing when it’s to late to change anything?
If the meaning of life is to live then why do so many people want to die?


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I just had an epiphany. I know it’s not worth mentioning but i don’t have these often because I’m a mostly out of the picture girl. I just realized that there are so many more people out there with some of the goals I have in life. I know it’s not really something you just notice, usually a person would notice that a lot sooner. If there was no one in the world who shared your aspirations there’d be no competition and everyone would have seperate jobs. The basic structure of society would crumble and the world would be completely different.This is funny to me though because i just noticed and I believe the expression my peers would use now would be “You are so late!” Now the reason I feel the need to post this particular epiphany is not just to explain it but to ask if anyone else noticed. Also if they did notice then shouldn’t there be a drive to acheive because out of the many people in your area there’s always someone out there who wants your job. If you haven’t noticed your more in the dark then I am. If you have noticed and you doing nothing then right now you are at risk.
Unless your some super know it all with the ability to work without stopping there’s always a way for you to lose your job. As of August 2011 the rate of unemployment is 9.1 percent and I believe is still rising. So right now you’re always at risk of losing your job. The epiphany i mentioned early gave me some motivation because if there are people out there who actually aspire to have my job then imagine the people who are desperate for work. They must be hungry for my job. That should at least make you try to work a little harder to keep that job. so that was my epiphany which just motivated me. I know it makes no sense because i don’t have a job yet but if i don’t think about this now then in the future I’ll have no planning and probably end up flat on my ass. I hope my epiphany inspires you working class folk. Remember my posts are open to any comments negative and positive.

A Little Johnny joke I thought was hilarious but for certain people not very true:
One day when Little Johnny came home he asked his father “What is politics? I need to know for school tomorrow.” After thinking for a while his dad explained using an anology. “Alright I’ll use an example. Your mother is the government because she controls everything, I’m a capitalist because I bring in the money, our maid is the working class because she works for us, your the people, and your brother is the future. Do you get it now?” his father asks. “Not really” he responds, “But I’ll think about it.” Later that night Little Johnny awakes to the sound of his brother crying. He goes to investigate to find the problem was a dirty diaper. He went to his parents bedroom to wake up his mother but she wouldn’t get up. He went in search for his father who wasn’t in bed. He found him in the guest room in bed with the maid. Not being able to do anything he went back to bed. The next morning his dad asks him if he learned anything. “I did” he says. “That’s great what’d you learn?” his father asks. “The government ignores the people, the capitalist is screwing the working class, and the future is full of shit.”

I read(past tense) this and it was funny to me. I’ll post jokes like these whenever I find them. Don’t be afraid to post any opinions about my posts.

Today my mom came home in a rage unknown to man. The moment she stepped through the door she bombarded me with questions: “Where were you?” “Who were you with?” “Did you do your homework?” “Let me see your book bag.” After she finished rifling through my personal belongings for no reason she started making ridiculous rules since apparently she found noting wrong. Her first rule was to have me study 2-3 hours; I can’t even sit still for 10 minutes without having something to do. Her next rule is that I can not play on my iPod for more then 45 minutes. I considered arguing back but I didn’t because well it would have been a moot point because apparently everything I say “makes no sense.”
As you can see when Mommy gets angry everyone suffers the consequences and I hate it.

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